:: Milford Sound Trip

> The Coach

Milford Sound Select's coaches offer you a comfortable and relaxed sightseeing tour experience.
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> The Cruise

Our Milford Sound cruises include a cruise aboard a comfortable, modern cruise boat.
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> Optional Helicopter Sightseeing

A unique chance to see Milford Sound an the hidden valleys around it by helicopter.
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> The Optional Flyback

MIlford Sound Select fly back to Queenstown option offers a unique view of this wild landscape.
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> The Map

The Milford Sound Select interactive Google Map will give you and insight into your trip.
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> Lunch Option

You have a choice of lunch options
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Making Queenstown and Milford Sound Coach Trips an absolute pleasure

After years of driving tours around New Zealand we realised that we would need to build a special bus for our Milford Trip.

We are a family company that has been providing transport to the visitor industry in New Zealand for over 30 years. We know what our clients are looking for when they book a bus trip, a great experience, value for money, and most importantly comfort.

Our Milford Sound Select bus service is our premium product, and we have built what both drivers and passengers consider the best bus for the unique conditions on the Milford Road. This bus has to be supremely comfortable for long hours, it's large windows and glass roof offer a superb visual platform. This coach is powerful, quiet and reliable. The coach is based on proven german M.A.N mechanicals fitted out with a custom body, our visitors continually endorse the result.

Our staff are all Kiwis who know the area like the back of their hand. They take pride on their ability to not only get you there and back safely, but with a smile of delight on your face. welcome to Milford Sound Select.

Sit back and enjoy what is recognised one of The Top 10 Road Trips in the World, the Road to Milford Sound. We will take care of you in the kiwi way, no stress, relaxed and in complete comfort. Welcome to Milford Sound Select.


Coach - Cruise - Coach from Queenstown - After pickups departs Queenstown area approx 7.15am (please check your individual pickup time and location on your ticket) - Returns 7.00pm

Online Special Adult $169.00 (Usually $189.00) - Child $99.00

Coach - Cruise - Coach from Te Anau - Departs from Kiwi Country at 9.45am

Adult: $149.00 Child $75.00

Flyback Option

Coach - Cruise - Fly from Queenstown - After pickups departs Queenstown area approx 7.15am (please check your individual pickup time and location on your ticket)- Returns 4.30pm

Adult: $599.00 Child: $370.00

Helicopter Option

Coach - Heli - Coach from Queenstown - Departs 7.15am - Returns 4.30pm

Adult: $489.00 per person, includes complementary lunch - note helicopter takes the place of boat cruise



Take an unforgettable trip in our luxury glass roofed coach from Queenstown to Milford Sound with Milford Sound Select. Discover New Zealand's most dramatic landscapes and the beautiful World Heritage Fiordland National Park. If Safety and Comfort are your priorities, this is the trip for you!